Supporting carers in the workplace, works for everyone.

The Carers + Employers program brings together employers who are interested in learning and sharing best practice approaches to support their staff who are carers.

The facts

Caring will affect every one of your employees at some stage in their career.

  • 1 in 8 Australian employees are carers

    Creating a carer-friendly workplace is good employment practice and makes excellent business sense.

  • Attracting talent

    A flexible, carer-friendly workplace also contributes to an organisation’s reputation as an ‘employer of choice’.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    Enabling staff to balance work and care contributes to the wellbeing of individuals, families and the community.


The Carers + Employers accreditation program defines best-practice standards for supporting staff with caring responsibilities. Workplaces that meet the Carers + Employers criteria can be recognised as an accredited carer friendly workplace. This tiered accreditation program is designed to provide organisations with tangible steps to becoming carer friendly employers. The accreditation program is comprised of three levels; Activate, Commit, Excel.

  • Level 1 - Activate is for organisations who are beginning to develop carer friendly workplace policies and practices. This level must be completed before progressing to the higher levels.

    Preview standards for Level 1
  • Level 2 - Commit builds on the minimum workplace rights established in Level 1 Activate to provide organisations with clear actions and pathways to improve carer friendly workplace practices.

    Preview standards for Level 2
  • Level 3 - Excel is the highest level of accreditation. It is suitable for organisations who have embedded carer friendly workplace practices and would like to be recognised as leaders in this area.

    Preview standards for Level 3
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